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Pet Food Ingredients

A growing number of our ingredients are purchased as human-grade quality and we also have pet-food grade ingredients to offer the pet food industry. We emulsify human-grade fruits and vegetables with meat, poultry or fish products to assure a better percent cook in our customer's extruders.

We source our ingredients from consistent sources and follow a strict protocol when we begin to work with a new supplier.

Frozen and Fresh Meat Products

At Finnie Distributing, we offer a wide variety of meat, fish and poultry that range from human grade to by-product in proprietary formulas to the pet food industry. Our product is available in frozen 50lb blocks as well as emulsified through a 2mm plate. The emulsified product is available in bulk or in totes depending on the customer's requirements.

Our meat products are sourced from the best sources available both locally and world-wide. For example, we receive both venison and lamb from New Zealand on a weekly basis.

Product Flavours

Finnie Distributing has two batch cookers in which we produce liquid flavour enhancers for both dog (liver-flavoured) and cat food (a 23-ingredient flavour blend).

The Finnie Advantage

Freezer Capacity

Finnie Distributing has 10,000 ft2 of freezer space, maintained at -17c, which allows us to buy quality ingredients when they are available. As a result, we consistently have a wide range of meat, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetable products offer.


Because Finnie Distributing has a 480,000 gallon anaerobic digester on site, we are able to offer depackaging services to both the grocery and pet food industries. For more information on this, please contact us directly.

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